TimTul WEB

Control, edit and manage all online communication from your website: your databases, newsletters, quotas, events and analytics of your clients and contacts.

TimTul WEB has everything you need and is easy to edit

Stop using several tools to communicate and move to TimTul: 

save time and gain effectiveness with analytics and segmentation

Execute your communication strategy. Show your ROI

All the functions of Timtul CRM integrated with your website

Import your contacts, organize documents, build newsletters and analyze their impact. Export at any moment the information of themselfs.

Everything that TimTul CRM integrates enriched with the interaction data of the rest of TimTul Web’s, for example, web visits, event attendance, voting, payments and comments.

TimTul Web + TimTul Intranet

TimTul Web offers you a series of adaptable templates to the aesthetics of your organization or you can choose to design a completely customized.

TimTul Web includes an intuitive content manager for a person without web knowledge and also has a support center with a custom manager for any questions you may have.

The content manager allows private access to users by registering and building an intranet: which allows having diferent home pages and sections according to their access permissions.


Timtul Web incorporates a payment system associated with events, courses, documents, merchandising of a series of products and even make donations.

TimTul Web has a recurrent payment system SEPA, approved following the European Union protocols, which allows managing a fees system with different amounts and periodicities that generates an XML file mandatory and valid format to enter in the application of any bank and that the changes are produced.


TimTul Web, offers the possibility of delivering an APP for Android and IOS, downloadable in both libraries in such a way that your organization can count on a mobile application.

The mobile application contains the functionality of push notifications, the advantage will be that you will see messages or notifications on the screen of the user’s mobile that has downloaded the app as it happens with other applications, for example, Whatsapp. The impact is much higher than the opening of the newsletters.

Analytics of recruitment and participation

TimTul Web monitors all interactions: It contains opening analytics and newsletters clicks, registration and attendance to events, QR codes, what pages and at what time each user has visited them, app messages and voting. The statistics are shown individually by user and in a generic way to measure the success of the actions. TimTul helps you interpret the interactions of your users and web visitors to improve your online communication actions.

All the features you need on your website

Web content manager
Event manager
Intranet / private area
All devices web
Newsletter tool
Networking tool
CRM: Manage contacts & organizations
Cloud document storage
Contacts & Orgs searcher
Ad-hoc development
Engagement metrics
Send push notifications with our APP
Payment manager
Individual engagement metrics

Become a referent

Address the value proposal for each client based on their interests. They will feel that you understand them and you will become a reference.

Use case: 22@Network

Association of Companies and Institutions 22 @ Barcelona. It is a territorial association of companies that currently has 120 partners among multinationals, SMEs and startups. The Association hired TimTul Web to manage all the Association's online communication. The web consists of private sections such as directory, public home and private home of partners, public events and partners. Newsletters of partners, board, stakeholders in the district and events, all segmented by public.

https://www.22network.net/ (Designed by Wasabi and TimTul Technology)

Increase of +20% in new contacts and members in 2016 & 2017

The Association organizes multiple events, workshops and publishes current news and a segmented newsletter that has allowed it to be more effective in its member acquisition.

On the other hand, we have also worked on loyalty with tools such as a private directory of partners. The directory has encouraged the networking of partner companies. The events to show the registered people have grown in number of attendees. A separate space has been created for the various work commissions and dynamic maps by business sectors.

"TimTul has developed a robust tool, easy to use and with immediate results, TimTul Web has given a new look to the 22@Network Association. The customer service is close and effective. Any association that seeks interaction among its associates should have TimTul in mind "

Antoni Oliva Quesada, Manager at 22@Network association

Easy and powerful communication

TimTul helps you in everything you need: connected tools, analytics to check the success of your actions and above all with an empathetic and motivated team. Improving your communication is very simple.

You are only a call or an e-mail away to experiencing it

Basic information about Data Protection

In compliance with the established of the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union, we provide the following basic information on data protection:

Responsible:  Timtul Technologies, S.L.

Purpose: Presentation and/or commercialization of the products and/or services offered by our firm.

Legitimization: Execution of a contract or in your case, the consent of the isterested

Recipients: Data will not be transferred to third expect legal obligation.

Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information. 

Additional information: You can consult additional and detailed information about Data Protection in privacy policy.