TimTul Intranet

An INTRANET customized to give value to your associates, clients or members through private content and networking

TimTul INTRANET allows you to create pages with private access, with payments, newsletters and monitor participation from the CRM

TimTul Intranet is a member management software focused on boosting private communities with private access. TimTul Intranet is the perfect complement to give value in networking and content to a group of people through invitation.

Custom intranet with everything you need

Private space access with registration

TimTul Intranet offers a content manager to publish news, events, texts, photographs, videos and documents. In order to consume the content, all users must register with a password and/or social networks and be approved by the administrator.

The registry allows groupig contacts with tags and thus generate segmented experiences to groups of contacts, therefore, managing different levels of permissions to view pages, news or content.

Networking and communication between users

On having proceeded to the user’s registration, we provide users (members,clients, associates) with their own profile. Each user can manage and update their profile information.

The profile in turn has an internal messaging function (inbox) with the other registered members. The messaging system, together with a coting system, comments and directory of members with profile management complement the communication options between users.

Participation Analytics

TimTul Intranet, contains analytics of opening and clicks of newsletters, registration and attendance to events, voting, web visits and records in the intranet. The statistics are shown individually by user and in a generic way to measure the success of the actions.

All the features you need on your intranet

Web content manager
Event manager
Intranet / private area
Newsletter tool
Networking tool
CRM: Manage contacts & organizations
Cloud document storage
Contacts & Orgs searcher
Engagement metrics
Networking tool
Individual engagement metrics

Share value

A repository of valuable information linked to a directory of colleagues, colleagues, contacts is the beginning of a community of value

Use case: Beauty Cluster Barcelona

The Cluster integrates more than 120 companies bringing together the entire value chain of the beauty and health sector. The Beauty Cluster Barcelona hired TimTul Intranet since there is a lot of documentation and events that they generate in their day to day. The Association needed a private information repository and at the same time an effective event attendance control to monitor the participation of its members and their interests.

Share private documents and manage events in only "4 clics"

The activity of the cluster is frenetic and innovation projects are continually coordinated, commercial missions abroad or industry workshops among many other events. Documentation, event management and the database grew day by day. A management of all these elements began to demand a more comprehensive solution than using several tools to simplify the work, saving time and getting to know the interaction data.

TimTul Intranet, with a CRM, newsletters, documents, events, polls, etc... was considered as a flexible option, without programming and customizable to maintain a corporate aesthetic. So BCB found a solution that responded to their needs allowing them to continue to grow and incorporate new features.

"From the consultancy IGNATIUS & CO, specialized in associative marketing, we are delighted with TimTul's products, they respond to the need of all kinds of organizations with a business model based on services or recurring products for members, partners or collegiates.

TimTul's team, as well as being professional, agile and highly competent, is innovating every day to respond to the needs of its clients. "

Consol Vancells Casanovas, Consultant at Ignatius&Co

Easy and powerful communication

TimTul helps you in everything you need: connected tools, analytics to check the success of your actions and above all with an empathetic and motivated team. Improving your communication is very simple.

You are only a call or an e-mail away to experiencing it

Basic information about Data Protection

In compliance with the established of the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union, we provide the following basic information on data protection:

Responsible:  Timtul Technologies, S.L.

Purpose: Presentation and/or commercialization of the products and/or services offered by our firm.

Legitimization: Execution of a contract or in your case, the consent of the isterested

Recipients: Data will not be transferred to third expect legal obligation.

Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information. 

Additional information: You can consult additional and detailed information about Data Protection in privacy policy.