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Membership Management Software to empower your relation with your audiences

Timtul Products

TimTul is a Membership Management Software that helps you manage communication, organization and payments with your customers, members or associates. Grow with TimTul according to your needs:


An organized database with all your contact's information, documents and a newsletter tool to keep them informed.


A private area to share documents, news, events, networking amongst members and a newsletter to keep them informed.


A website with crm, intranet, payments, newsletter and all the online communication features to attract new members and retain the current ones.

TimTul CRM

A free platform that helps you manage all your excel files in the same database, add documents and create newsletters targeted to your contacts or members according to their interests.

Database and Newsletters are connected: control who reads your e-mails

TimTul CRM replaces your Excel sheets, databases, email marketing tool and analytics platform to understand your user's interaction with your newsletter.

It frees you from using Excel lists for each service, event, or performance that your members, clients or partners make with your organization. Having your database updated will be an easy task.

With TimTul CRM you can create newsletters with photos, maps and call to action buttons without harass.

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A private platform for your members with your corporate aesthetic to share documents, photos, events and analytics to know the participation.

All private information for members and board available for consultation

TimTul Intranet allows you to manage all your contacts, your newsletters and a private content space from the same platform.

Share a report, an event or news on your web through an intuitive content manager that allows you to edit and create as many pages as you want.

You can boost the use of your intranet with the comments, votes or messages functions among users with permission and check their participation through CRM analytics.

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Timtul WEB

An all-in-1 communication platform: Web, CRM, Newsletters, Blog, Intranet, Payments, Events, Social Networks and an App in IOS and Android. Communicating is easier from a single platform.

Communicate through all online channels and monitor interactions

Everything starts on your website, with a content editor so simple that you will have fun playing with. The design of the web? Do not worry, we can personalize it: custom-made or using one of our templates.

When you publish news and events you can communicate with a newsletter without effort to copy and paste content.

TimTul Web includes TimTul CRM and Intranet with analytics so you can control and segment the information you offer to your audiences and analyze what their reaction to your content is.

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Learn and grow with the support of the most willing team and technical advances so that your organization grows steadily

TimTul has 3 years of experience, and although we are young, our figures and our customers support us.

+ 100 customers

+750.000 emails sent

+70.000 contacts

+ 3.000 documents

+ 1.000 published events

+ 15.000 programming hours

Customers growing with Timtul

Associations, companies, freelancers, federations, startups, foundations, NGOs, schools, professional associations, political parties and many more ...

Improve your influence with Timtul products

With tools that make your management and communication work easier without having to copy and paste content.

With traceability of your actions and influence index for each user.

With a human team sensitive to your needs. With desire to help you, sharing your problems and looking for solutions together to be more efficient and improve day by day.

TimTul CRM is free. Start now and grow to Intranet or Web according to your needs.

Basic information about Data Protection

In compliance with the established of the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union, we provide the following basic information on data protection:

Responsible:  Timtul Technologies, S.L.

Purpose: Presentation and/or commercialization of the products and/or services offered by our firm.

Legitimization: Execution of a contract or in your case, the consent of the isterested

Recipients: Data will not be transferred to third expect legal obligation.

Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information. 

Additional information: You can consult additional and detailed information about Data Protection in privacy policy.